1. Club Identification must be readily available upon request.

2. No alcoholic beverages on the course. Responsible use of alcohol in the pavilion area only. Any glass bottles must be taken back with you.

3. Only officers are authorized to hunt the club property.

4. Without officer approval the removal and or cutting wood for fire wood is forbidden.

5. Broad heads to be shot at Broad head sight in targets only.

6. Never shoot or walk the courses in reverse

7. If you must search for lost arrows on the course, someone should remain in the shooting lane, visible to other shooters. If you are alone, place your bow in front of the target. Wear visible clothing. When approaching a target be sure the area is clear of other shooters

8. The last person leaving the course should secure the lock on the chain gate

9. The range and field course are closed during work parties. NO Shooting. Regular work parties are held on Tuesday evenings and some Saturday mornings

10. NO shooting the field course during 3D shoots. The practice range can still be used

11. Members are permitted to invite a guest to the course once (other than paid events that are open to all shooters). Membership will be required for subsequent use of the club's facilities. 
Guest must sign the liability waiver.

12. Use common sense to keep yourself and others safe. Irresponsible actions endanger everyone and can effect our reputation/ relationship with our neighbors.

13. Children should be supervised at all times

14. This is an archery club!! Any other use of the property must be approved by the officers

15. Dogs must be kept on a leash and cleaned up after.

**Anyone not following the rules of the club is subject to be suspended or expelled **